by Adam Armstrong

Today Catalogic Software, announced its open source utility, KubeDR. KubeDR is said to provide backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes cluster configuration, certificates and metadata. On top of KubeDR, Catalogic also launched its cLabs to support new products, open source initiatives and innovations.

Since Kubernetes hit the scene, it has taken off wildly as the platform for managing containerized workloads in hybrid cloud environments. Catalogic notes that Kubernetes stores its cluster data in etcd. This data typically isn’t the main focus, however, it needs to be backed up. This this end, KubeDR is a user-friendly, secure, scalable and an open source solution for backup and disaster recovery designed specifically for Kubernetes applications.

Features include:

  • Backup cluster data in etcd to any S3 compatible storage
  • Pause and resume backups
  • Clean up older snapshots (based on retention setting)
  • Restore etcd snapshot and certificates

Catalogic cLabs

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