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Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Disk Data Recovery Services by Etekkers Data Recovery recovering lost data from failed hard disk drives from laptop computers, desktop computers and external hard disk devices. Etekkers can help you to recover your lost files from the following storage devices:

  • SATA
  • IDE
  • SCSI

We are also experts in the recovery of all manner of external hard disk drives, including FireWire and USB 2.0 device recovery.

Our services can help to recover lost data following hard disk failure or the deletion or reinstallation of an operating system, if you are unsure as to the nature of the problem with your lost data contact our technical team at 888.714.6292 for free data loss advise.

Etekkers Data Recovery provide a complete and competitively priced data recovery service to recover lost data from a failed or inaccessible SATA ( Serial ATA ) / IDE / SCSI / SOLID STATE hard disk drive.

If you have a problem with a SATA ( Serial ATA ) / IDE / SCSI / SOLID STATE hard disk drive, it is almost certain that there will be something that we can do to help.

Logical Recovery, Etekkers can recover Deleted files, hard drives that have had an operating system installed upon them, formatted hard disks and more. If the device works fine but the data is lost, this is the service to help you.
Prices from $200 and up

Electronic Recovery, If your SATA (or other) hard disk has failed due to a failure of its on board electronics, abc can help, whether you have plugged in the wrong power supply, experienced a surge or if you have a burnt component that is visible on the drive we can help. Our in house team of electronics experts can recover your dead hard drive in our anti-static, ESD safe, lab facility.
Prices start at $400 and up

Our team of expert engineers can help you to recover your lost data from drives that are making clicking sounds, loud whirring sounds as well as hard drives with screeching or seized motor bearings and head faults.
Prices start at $800 and up

Etekkers can also help in the case of a snapped, bent or damaged hard drive interface, even where other individuals or companies have failed.