USB Drive Recovery Services

USB drives started out as little USB flash disks but just as flash drive capacities have grown so has the need for USB data recovery and pen drive data recovery services.

Originally these flash memory flash drives which were also known as thumb drives where a very useful alternative to having to transfer data from one computer to another by burning a CD or DVD each time. Flash drive capacity has improved far beyond what was imagined when the USB flash disk first came into being, when for example a 128MB USB flash drive was considered the ultimate pen drive storage goal. Nowadays flash drives are exceeding 32 or 64GB capacities which are far greater than the capacity of many computers still in use today.

Flash drives still are the victim of the very reason for their popularity which is mobile storage. Drives can very easily become smashed especially while they are connected to a USB port and it is not uncommon for the drive to be bent, breaking the internal connectors within the device.

Flash drive repair is a doable option but in reality and in a lot of cases flash drive repairs tend to be a temporary means of accessing the valuable data stored on the flash memory chips so that data recovery can be successfully carried out. Our technicians can access the very fragile PCB (Printed Circuit Board) tracks and make a repair to allow the transfer of data onto other suitable storage media or a new USB flash drive.

USB Recovery & Flash Drive Data Recovery

USB data recovery techniques vary from traditional hard drive recovery practices and often require bypassing the memory controller (which is often the starting place cause for failure), to enable file recovery directly from the memory chips which may still be in ideal working order, although they cannot be read due to the problems with the drive.

If multiple chips are present on the drive then the memory stick recovery process becomes more complex but our flash drive recovery technicians are very experienced in flash memory recovery and have been providing data recovery services for many years.

USB Flash drive recovery prices start from as little as $250 for deleted file recovery / devices that require some form of repair. More complex recoveries are priced for flat rate fee $500. We also offer a no data no fee policy to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • Broken USB port, plugs from dog bites, bumping USB drives by accident.
  • Forgotten & lost password (password protected USB or locked USB drives).
  • Deleted files accidentally on your USB data devices.
  • Lost connections, dropping device, running over, bumping while plugged in, bent USB port. USB flash drive damaged or in more than one piece.
  • Virus damage or Damaged USB Port.
  • Lost data: extreme heat, cold & moisture causing USB data loss.
  • Fire damage, salt water, lightning, USB water damage, shock to USB device.
  • Disconnecting flash storage while powered on, power outages, brown-outs, spikes, power surges on USB.

USB Drive Recovery services and options

  • Support for All Flash Formats and Devices
  • 24/7/365 Emergency Flash Media Recovery Services
  • Dedicated Equipment and Best-in-Class Security
  • No Recovery, No Charge Guarantee
  • Kingston Technology
  • SanDisk
  • Sony Corporation
  • HP
  • Toshiba
  • Verbatim
  • Lexar Media, Inc
  • Corsair Components
  • PNY
  • OCZ
  • Imation
  • IronKey
  • Crucial Technology
  • Adata

USB Drive Data Recovery

Does it appear that you have lost valuable information contained on a USB flash drive? If so not all hope is lost. Denver Data Recovery can help you find missing files and restore them to working order. Whether referring to an external hard drive a corrupted memory stick or a pen drive this package is very easy to use and in many cases it will only be a matter of minutes before your information is secure.

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