by Adam Armstrong

Today DataCore Software announced that it has integrated its SANsymphony software-defined storage platform with Veeam Software’s Universal Storage API Plug-In. According to the two companies, this integration will enable customers of Veeam Software Backup and Replication can take snapshots and backups of VMware data stores residing on SANsymphony virtual storage pools with minimum impact on production workloads. The combination of the two technologies is said to automate, simplify, and centralize data protection, while enabling greater choice of storage technologies. 

Data centers aren’t always homogenized with the same vendor and brand-new equipment everywhere. Though the big guys like to show this off along with perfect networking cables. Another reality many data centers see is a diversity of equipment that has to meet primary and secondary storage needs. The various hardware can run into compatibility issues that needs to be address through software. This is where DataCore and Veeam come in. 

The combined technology from DataCore and Veeam allow users to take low-impact snapshots and swift backups using the same integrated data protection services without regard to the make or model of the underlying storage hardware. This is realized even if the underlaying hardware does not support the Universal Storage API or even have snapshot functionality as DataCore software takes care of those actions. Furthermore, through this integration SANsymphony nodes can act as a Veeam Ready Repository for backup storage. The backups can then be migrated onto lower-cost, elastic object storage through Veeam Cloud Tier as part of the Scale-out Backup Repository.



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