by Adam Armstrong

Today at AWS re:Invent, IGEL announced that it has integrated the AMD Secure Processor on IGEL UD7 endpoints. The company states that this integration will effectively create a dedicated ‘chain of trust’ security system that further strengthens IGEL’s security posture. IGEL will be demoing the UD7 with the integrated AMD Secure Processor at AWS re:Invent, Booth #429 in Las Vegas. 

As nefarious actors are becoming more sophisticated, those trying to protect data must change their strategies. To this end AMD has introduced its Secure Processor technology, a hardware-based security system built right into select AMD processors, including the AMD RX-216GD system-on-a-chip. IGEL is now using the AMD RX-216GD in its UD7 endpoints giving it dedicated security from the processor up. This is part of IGEL’s ‘chain of trust’ that also includes:

  • The AMD Embedded processor checks whether the UEFI binary is cryptographically signed by IGEL, verifying that the UEFI binary is authentic and not manipulated
  • The UEFI checks the bootloader for a UEFI Secure Boot signature
  • The bootloader then checks the IGEL OS Linux kernel
  • If the OS partitions signatures on disk are correct, IGEL OS is started and the partitions are mounted
  • Next, for users connecting to a VDI or cloud environment, access software such as Citrix Workspace App or VMware Horizon 7 checks the certificate of the connected server for an unparalleled ‘chain of trust’

The new secure IGEL UD7 joins the IGEL family of Universal Desktop endpoints. These endpoints are designed for virtual desktops and cloud workspace environments where high-performance and access to multiple, high-resolution displays is required, such as video production and CAD design suites, newsrooms, operations centers, and hospital diagnostics centers.


IGEL UD7 with the AMD Embedded RX-216GD processor is expected to be available to order beginning this month in the EMEA region, and starting in January 2020 in North America.

IGEL Universal Desktop

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