by Michael Rink

Today, Pivot3 announced that it is providing its hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) surveillance platform through Lenovo Datacenter Group’s (DCG) ON DEMAND program. The platform combines Lenovo ThinkSystem servers with Pivot3’s software to create an appliance targeted at video and camera management at the edge. Pivot3 was founded in 2003 and shipped its first HCI platform in 2008. It currently focuses on providing HCI products, including both datacenter and edge platforms. 

Pivot3’s surveillance hyper-converged appliances come in five flavors. The first is called the Edge Protect and it is the only appliance that comes in a 1U form factor. The other four are all 2U appliances. The Edge Protect has 4-32 HDDs with a maximum storage of 192TB per vPG. It runs VMware virtual servers on just 1x 4 Core Intel ES-1270 CPUs and according to Lenovo is suitable for organizations with 20 – 200 cameras. Lenovo does not provide an explanation for why the lower end is 20 cameras and not one camera. The next, and beefiest flavor of Pivot3’s surveillance hyper-converged appliances is called the V5-6400. In exchange for a tiny storage capacity of just 60TB per vPG, the V5-6400 has 2x 20 Core Intel 6138, a 1x Teradici Apex 2800 LP PCoIP offload card, and 1-2x NVIDIA Tesla M10 or M60 GPUs. The GPUs are included primarily so that it can stream live video to remote and mobile clients. The remaining three flavors are all variations of the same V5-2000 model; the base model, a V5-2000s storage-only version, and a “large-scale” version. The V5-2000s storage-only version provides up to 2.3PB per vPG but has only a minimal amount of processing and networking support and is intended to allow customers to relatively cost-effectively scale-up their on-site storage. It is intended to only be used in combination with one of the other surveillance appliances. The baseline V5-2000 has similar storage options as the storage only model, but adds fifty percent more networking ports and includes either 1x 12 Core Intel 4116 or 2x 12 Core Intel 4116 CPUs. The “large-scale” variation lives up to its name offering a whopping 3.45PB per vPG of storage, and both more CPUs and more RAM than the baseline model. Lenovo says this version is suitable for installations with 10,000 cameras.



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