Given the technology and the speed of modern computers, there’s been one part that just cant keep up, the good old Hard Disk Drive.  Starting  computer in the 90’s just wouldn’t have been the same without the whirl of those those archaic lives slowly spinning to life.  Newer tech, such as the Solid State drive, which works off of flash memory and is significantly faster then even the highest end Mechanical hard drive.  But that speed comes with a cost, with a SSD that holds 250 Gigabytes costs roughly the same as a regular Hard Drive that that could hold up to 2 Terabytes.



But that cost comes with significant performance boost, with SSD’s having read/write speeds going far beyond doubling that of regular hard drives.  And these new monster drives that Samsung has put out even put those to shame, tripping the production of even their own drives, which dominate the top of the competition already.


Regretfully for those of you who were already trying to fill up your newegg carts, these items are not for sale yet, and given the use a SCSI interface rather then a normal SATA shows that at least this go around is for the enterprise market.  But don’t worry, wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing things like this on the shelves in the near future.