Please use following steps in order to ship your media safely to our lab, (for out of state clients or if you not able to drop off your device at our office).

1. If at all possible remove your digital storage device form PC / Server / Workstation

2. Put your digital storage device in an anti-static bag to prevent static electricity.

3. Wrap securely with foam, bubble-wrap, so the digital storage device will not move inside the the box. Do not use any paper envelopes (cartoon boxes recommended)

4. Open online ticket and put ticket # on a  shipping box 

5. Please use Fed EX, UPS or DHL.

If you have any questions about how to package and ship your digital storage media, please call 888.714.6292 ext 2

Ship your package to:

Eboxlab,  Data Recovery

25287 Conifer Rd.,
Suite 105-325
Conifer, Colorado 80433

***Mailing only