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The Data Recovery Process

Professional data recovery is the process of obtaining usable data from inaccessible storage media and corrupted or deleted file sets. Computers, MP3 players and digital cameras store data on some type of electronic media such as hard disk drives, diskettes or flash devices.  Each type of media presents different recovery challenges.

The data recovery process is very complex and labor intensive. Successful data recovery requires an intimate understanding of all of the technical details of modern data storage media, operating systems and file systems. It requires a well-equipped, controlled laboratory that is staffed with experienced, trained technicians. Without these resources, the chance of losing data or causing more harm to the media climbs considerably.

Causes for Data Loss

There are many causes for data loss including mechanical failure of the device, damage to the device, human error, power surges and software viruses. There are two categories of data loss:

Logical Failures

A logical failure is when the media has not been physically damaged. A file may have been deleted, reformatted or contaminated with a virus. Generally, in these situations, data is easier to recover as long as the data has not been overwritten by subsequent usage.

Physical Failures

A physical failure is when the media has been damaged or experienced a mechanical failure. Fire or water damage can result in a physical failure or, in the case of a disk drive, part of the mechanism such as a spindle or head may have failed. In these cases, the media, such as a disk drive, must first be rebuilt before data recovery can be attempted. Often, by utilizing technology and specialized techniques, data can be recovered but, in some cases where the drive or device is too damaged, data recovery is impossible.

Denver Data Recovery Services utilizes a four-step data recovery methodology:

1. Repair Disk
Damage to the hard disk drive, if applicable, is diagnosed and repaired. Damaged components are replaced. Firmware failures are identified and repaired.

2. Image Disk
The repaired drive is read and data copied to another disk, preserving the state of the data when the drive or media was received.

3. Retrieve Data
Damage or corruption to the file system is diagnosed and repaired to permit access to the individual files. Individual files are checked for corruption and repaired if necessary.

4. Restore Data
The retrieved data is then copied to new media (for example a USB drive) and returned to the client

Some data recovery companies exaggerate or claim artificially high recovery rates because they only make attempts on the simplest cases. If mishandled, ‘quick-fix’ attempts can actually make matters worse by further damaging the media or corrupting the data, making data recovery even more challenging.

Denver Data Recovery Services is ISO 9001:2000 certified meaning that we had to pass a stringent quality control process. Our lab technicians are qualified to handle all types of data recoveries, from more simple logical recoveries to complex physical recoveries.

We maintain an extensive inventory of parts so that we can quickly and properly reconstruct disk drives when necessary, and we maintain clean room environments to ensure your data is properly protected throughout the recovery process.

When your defective device or media arrives at our labs for data recovery, we follow a process to guarantee best recovery of data.

Initial Data Recovery Evaluation

As soon as we receive your defective unit at our data recovery lab, we will evaluate the data loss situation. Our technicians will assess the extent of data loss and confirm the same. In the process the information provided by you in the preliminary assessment / shipping form helps our data recovery evaluation process.

Initiating Assessment of the Problem

At this stage, we will first determine whether the defective piece could be operable to some degree. If operable, we will try to transfer as much data from this unit to a shop media. All future work will be performed on the shop media. Assessments are made to understand if the nature of malfunction is caused by physical damage – either electrical or mechanical, or if it is related to logical corruption that has developed in the file system.

Lost data recovery

At this stage we will perform the process of data recovery in as complete a manner as possible. This is usually an iterative process and would vary depending on the extent and cause of data loss. We will recover data according to the priorities you have indicated. We maintain a full documentation of the data recovery process and you can always contact us for updates and monitor data recovery progress on your case. We maintain strict data confidentiality and can also sign non-disclosure agreements if needed.

Returning recovered data

After the recovery process is completed, we will generate a file / directory list of the recovered data and email it to you for verification. We will then hand it over to you in a format / media of your choice. Usually we store the data on a hard disk drive, DVD, or CD-R based on the size of the recovered data and return the same along with the original device to you. Or the data could also be available through FTP. In cases where you have specific instructions, we will process requests at additional costs as may be applicable. Shipping costs will also be additional.

Data Recovery Cost

Etekkers Data Recovery Services provides the highest level of professional data recovery at competitive prices. The data recovery cost for in-lab Priority Service can vary significantly from case to case, and is dependent on many factors such as amount and type of media, condition of the media, amount of resources used, and the overall time needed to recover the data.

All in-lab (Priority Service) cases include a free, personalized diagnostic evaluation by our Data Recovery experts and a no-risk, free data recovery quote. This free evaluation allows Etekkers technicians to better gauge how much work will be needed for your individual case. Based on this evaluation, Etekkers will send you a no-strings, no-surprises estimate of how much your case will cost.

We will not begin any billable data recovery service until you have the opportunity to review and approve this quote. If you do not accept the quote for data recovery, Etekkers will return your media to you, no questions asked.

Many factors affect the cost of data recovery. A 160GB hard drive with minor problems can be recovered easier than a severely damaged 1GB hard drive.

For this reason, we price each project only after carefully evaluating the amount of time, and the cost of replacement components, which will be required to recover the data from your media. You never pay a premium price just because you are using a particular operating system (although some operating systems do take additional time and can potentially be more costly) or because of any factors other than the time and materials required to complete your data recovery.

Upon completion of our evaluation we will prepare a quote for the recovery of your data. The price we quote is not a price range, it is the price you will pay upon the successful completion of the recovery. If the recovery takes more work than we originally expected, we will still only charge you the quoted price. We have been recovering data for many years, and are confident that our pricing will be accurate.

Our RAID system recovery pricing is extremely low, by industry standards, due to the proprietary software which we use to recover these arrays. It minimizes the use of manpower resources which allows us to reduce the cost. Typically, the cost to recover a RAID system is just $500 to $600 per drive.
Our “No Data, No Charge” Guarantee

Our evaluation of the condition of your media may not reveal all conditions which can prevent the successful recovery of your data. If we are not able to recover that data which you specify as your target data, there will be no charge. In the event that some, but not all, of your data is recoverable we will discuss with you the value of the recoverable data.

If your drive is in working condition and you:

1) Accidentally deleted some files
2) Reformatted the drive
3) Reloaded the operating system
4) Lost your Outlook PST files

Your price for a successful recovery of your data is $399.00 regardless of storage capacity or form factor.

If your drive is non-operational;
(no power, clicking, grinding, locks up system, etc..)
When it comes to this type of recovery we can not offer a one price fits all price structure.

The price for an invasive recovery is determined by several variables.

We base our price primarily on the form factor of the drive, storage capacity of the drive and expected cost of parts and labor for a hard drive or other media.

We have been doing this for long enough to know what to expect in a worse case scenario and base our prices accordingly.

This enables us to give you an exact price for the recovery service you need opposed to a wide price range. We offer you this price format because it is reasonable and fair.