Eboxlab Data Recovery Services

Eboxlab provides data recovery, desktop and laptop repair, RAID repair, computer forensics and other professional media services in the Denver area.
Eboxlab has humble beginnings in the great state of Colorado in 2004, and has been a consistent solution in Information Technology for Denver’s booming economy. With an impressive resume of clients ranging from the public to the private sector, Eboxlab has maintained a sterling reputation for honesty, integrity and world class service.

Our key tenants at Eboxlab is to deliver reliable media services with transparent price estimates and quick turnaround times. An ethical approach to providing IT services along with continuous investment in our staff has allowed us to expand our services throughout the years.

Eboxlab Data Recovery Services provides:

  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Data Recovery for Flash Drives, SSD and All Other Digital Devices
  • RAID Repair and Other RAID Services
  • Virtual Server Repair
  • Data Migration, Media Conversion and More

When you work with Eboxlab Data Recovery Services, your case will always receive attention from highly experienced and passionate media recovery specialists.

We take pride in our simple, hassle-free approach and our data guarantees; all cases receive a free standard media evaluation, and we never charge for our services if we cannot recover data, regardless of our investment in the case.

Our key promise here at Eboxlab is honesty. Our prices, service and reputation is based on this promise. We strive to provide quick hassle free quote with no room for hidden fees or price markups. Another promise is the determination to achieve success in the case. Many data recovery companies follow a checklist of methods to resurrect data and if that fails, give up on the case completely. We here at Eboxlab enjoy thinking outside of the box after our standard methods are exhausted. This tenacity and creative spark is a key difference between us and our competitors. Our engineers specialize in finding creative fixes for serious media issues, and we will never declare a case unrecoverable without exhausting all possible alternatives.

Safety is another core promise here at Eboxlab. Our teams take care to avoid accidental damage while performing services, and we will always treat damaged media in a safe and controlled environment.

Last but the most important promise is Security. Our security systems at Eboxlab are best in class and the protocols about data handling are very strict. Encryption, Firewalls and physical security systems are all set in place to provide the most in security. We also guarantee that we will always take appropriate steps to maintain excellent security systems at our facilities, and by obtaining relevant certifications, we give our clients an independent source for information about our security systems and technology.

Honesty and transparency is our best business tenant. We understand that data loss can be devastating financially, emotionally and even career wise. Trust us with your data and we will strive to provide you with the peace of mind that your data is secure, the turnaround time will be as quick as possible, and the best of the data recovery industry is on your case.

Restricted Access Protocols

Our staff cannot access your data, and we automatically purge backup copies of your recovered files within 7 days using Department of Defense (DOD) compliant deletion methods.


As encryption experts, we understand the importance of updated algorithms. We can encrypt any device and offer a comprehensive set of return media options. Eboxlab Data Recovery Services also uses advanced encryption to protect data on our premises.

Ongoing Audits

Constant tests and audits of our facilities by third party security firms keeps our security systems up to date. Audits are very important to protecting our clients data.

Data Return Policies

When we return your data after completing our services, we make sure that you are the only person with access to the recovered data. We use secure Cloud servers to transfer information electronically if needed, and when shipping physical media, we use encryption and signature authorizations to protect sensitive files.

We strictly maintain our security systems to adapt to new threats, and we pledge to use the latest technologies to protect your data at all times. When you trust your device to Eboxlab Data Recovery Services, you get dependable, safe results.

Why Choose Eboxlab?

  • Free Data Recovery Evaluation

  • No Data – No Charge

  • Emergency Data Recovery

  • Real Time Case Tracking

  • 97% Success Rate

  • GSA Contractor

  • HIPPA Compliant

  • Secure Data Storage Facility

  • Affordable Pricing structure

  • Free Data Backup plan

  • Advanced and up to date Data Recovery Tools

  • Nationwide Service

  • ISO 5 Class 100 clean room
  • Data Approval Procedure

  • Remote Recovery Services

  • Onsite Data Recovery

  • Flat Rate Pricing

  • Free Shipping to / from Lab

Our Mission Statement

Eboxlab Data Recovery Services offers a quick, secure solution to the most devastating cases of data loss. Our high success rate and efficient methods stem from constant investment in innovative technologies emerging in the industry of data recovery. Coupled with 24/7/365 emergency services, a distinct peace of mind is possible when clients see the Eboxlab logo. Our expertise and years of information gathering has allowed us to expand our arsenal of data recovery tools, we are now able to work on hard drives, RAID arrays, flash drives, solid-state drives and dozens of other types of devices.