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Data Recovery from following Floppy Disks

We provide data recovery services for all types of any storage media including floppy disks.

Floppy Disk Failures We Can Recover:

Our floppy disk data recovery experts can recover your data in response to horrible messages like “disk not formatted do you want to format” or “not accessible” by the Microsoft Windows operating systems.

  • Files corrupted or data lost by virus or Trojan programs attack.
  • Unintentional deletion or formatting of data.
  • Physically damaged sectors
  • Physically damaged clusters
  • Physical damage of the boot, root or fat area of the floppy disk.

Floppy disk data recover services for FAT, NTFS, HPFS, SWAP and EXT system files.

We use up-to-date floppy disk data recovery software solutions developed by our floppy disk data recovery specialists having logical corruption of data and files.

For physical damage of cluster, sectors, ROOT, BOOT or FAT area we use custom low level access applications and technologies to recover your lost data from floppy diskettes.

3″ Floppy Disk CF-2 180kb Flip Discs and 720kb Double Sided Amstrad PCW & CPC

8″ inch SS-DD DS-SD DS-DD disks

  • 5.25″ Floppy Disk 1.6mb 1.6 mb Floppies
  • 5.25″ Floppy Disk 1.2mb 1.2 mb Floppies
  • 5.25″ Floppy Disk 360k 360kb 360 kb
  • 5.25″ inch Single Sided Double Density SS DD,
  • 5.25″ inch Double Sided High Density DS HD,
  • 5.25″ inch Double Sided Double Density DS DD 2S-2D
  • 1.2Mb 5.25″ DSHD 80 Track 15 Sectors
  • 360Kb 500kb 5.25″ DSDD DS,DD 40 Tracks 9 Sectors
  • 180Kb 5.25″ SSDD 40 Tracks 9 Sectors
  • Soft Sector 48 tpi, 96 tpi, Double-Side Double-Density
  • 3M DS,HD 1.6mb, SONY MD-2HD 5.25 Floppydisk 1.6 MB
  • 3.5″ Floppy Disk 2.88mb 2.8mb 2.88 2.8 mb 2.88m
  • 3.5″ Floppy Disk 720k 720kb 720 kb
  • 3.5″ Floppy Disk 1.44m 1.44mb 1.44 mb
  • 3.5″ Floppy Disc 1.4m 1.4mb 1.4 mb
  • 3.5″ Double Sided High Density or Double Density Floppies
  • 2.88MB 3.5″ DS-ED Extra-high density ED
  • 1.44Mb 3.5″ DS-HD 80 Tracks 18 Sectors HD
  • 720Kb 3.5″ DS-DD 80 Tracks 9 Sectors DD

File Data Transfers 5.25″ inch floppy disc

We also undertake data transfers from these disks to other formats. A popular data transfer or recovery for 5.25″ inch floppy disks which often contain archive data, book manuscripts, files, photographs, images, cad drawings, spreadsheets, graphics, CAD/CAM Machine instructions and program files. If you have a request then just contact us.

Floppy Disk FDD Transfer Recovery – About Floppy Disks

Floppies or Floppy Disks (FD or FDD) were created by IBM. The early floppy disks were 8-inch (200 mm), followed by 5-inch (1331/3 mm), and then 3-inch (90 mm). There was also the less popular 3 inch CF-2 Compact floppy disc used by Amstrad (Amsoft)and Sinclair. They are made from a flexible magnetic coated disk inside a square or rectangular plastic case. The discs were commonly used in PC’s (180K up to 1440K), Amiga DD and HD (also 5,25″ formats), Atari 9, 10 and 11 sektor disks, Kaypro (10 Sector per track) Macintosh 720K, 800K, 1440K (DD, GCR, HD), Apple IIe disks (Apple DOS 3.3 and up), Apple II, Macintosh, Amstrad CPC & Amstrad PCW to transfer data, and create archive backups. We can read the following disks and provide a disk image of the raw data or in most cases extract the actual files as well.

  • Amiga DD 880k (adf), Amiga 5.25″ DD 880k (adf), Amiga HD 1760k (adf).
  • Amstrad / Sinclair 3 inch floppy disks as used on PCW8256 PCW8512 PCW9256 PCW9512 & CPC-6128
  • Amstrad Locoscript
  • Apple 2e, Apple Mac 400k, Apple Mac 800k.
  • Archimedes DD 720k.
  • Atari ST DD 11sec 913k, Atari ST HD 22sec 1826k, Atari Falcon HD 1440k, Atari 810 90k.
  • BBC Micro 100k
  • Canon AXI 128 16sec 70k, Canon Starwriter,
  • Casio Sampler FZ-1 1280k
  • Commodore 1541,51,70 (d64), Commodore 1541,51,70(40T) (d64).
  • Commodore 1571 (d71), Commodore 8250,SFD 1001 (d82).
  • Commodore 8050 (d80), Commodore 1581 (d81).
  • CP/M Systems inc. Osbourne
  • HP Logikanalyzer A16500 800k, HP 4145 616k
  • Kaypro (10 sector per track)
  • MHS Bootdisk 320k, Montorfano GE-10 640k
  • NEC PC-9801 CNC HD 1248k, NEC PC-9801 CNC DD 720k
  • Olivetti
  • PC DD MSDOS 720k, PC HD MSDOS 1440k
  • PC DD MSDOS 160k, PC DD MSDOS 180k
  • PC DD MSDOS 320k, PC DD MSDOS 320k 1024byte sec
  • PC DD MSDOS 360k, PC DD MSDOS 720k
  • PC HD MSDOS 1200k, PC FM 128 16sec 320k
  • PC DD 256 16sec 640k.
  • RDOS DD 360k
  • SAM Coupe Elite DD 800k
  • Sinclair QL QDOS DD 360k
  • Sinclair QL QDOS HD 720k
  • TI99 4A 90k
  • TRS80 Videogenie SS SD 85k, TRS80 Multidos SD 170k, TRS80 SS SD.
  • VersaDOS 16sec 638k, VersaDOS HD 26sec 998k, VersaDOS 3HDDI(32) 998k.

Typical Disk error messages

  • Disk not Formatted error.
  • Disc not Formatted error.
  • Please insert a disk
  • Abort Retry Ignore
  • Disk unreadable
  • Do you wish to format this disk

– Corrupted and unopenable files
– Windows prompts you to format.
– Damage to the disk
– Files cannot be listed.
– Floppy disk that contains bad sectors
– Floppy disk that contains bad clusters.
– Accidentally deleted files on floppy disk.
– Undelete files on the floppy disk.
– Virus attack or other lost files on a diskette.
– File Conversions eg. Supercalc to excel